Fitness over 50: Why you should exercise

Fitness over 50 determines what kind of lifespan you will have in your golden years. You’re much more likely to be healthy into your 70s and 80s if you include cardio and weight training into your lifestyle.
As our bodies grow older the connective tissues lose their ability to efficiently rejuvenate. The connective tissues are the body’s supportive framework and they’re starting to lose their spring so to speak. Tendons, ligaments and cartilage has started to slow down in response to the stressors that are placed upon it from our daily lives and especially our workouts. Since it’s these connective muscles that protect our joints, this in turn is what leads to a greater chance of injury and joint pain.

For example, someone who’s stayed in shape all their life as a runner might be finding that such a high impact exercise may not be the best choice of cardio exercise anymore. An alternative would be a lower impact exercise like the elliptical trainer or indoor cycling. Addressing impact level of an exercise is only one small change to consider however. Fitness over 50 needs to focus on strength training and cardio more than ever! . Never before has it been so easy to get started.

Fitness over 50 is your best healthy choice.