How to get in shape over 50 Naturally and Look and Feel Younger


How to get in shape over 50

Getting in shape after 50 can be a bit difficult considering that the body system has changed over time and  most parts and organs of the body cannot function as well as they used to. This however does not take away the importance of staying fit regardless if the age, even after crossing the golden jubilee line.

Below are some useful tips for getting in shape and staying fit even after 50.

Warm up

Warming up is very important especially before you commence a workout. This ensures that you are able to complete the workout and most importantly, complete it without unnecessary fatigue or injuries. Two very important parts of staying in shape especially as it concerns exercising is warming up and cooling down. While warming up is important to ensure you get through the workout routine without injuries, cooling down gently leads you back from the exercise.

Jogging, walking and some other cardio exercises would help you warm up. It should be noted that these warm up process should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes.


Many seniors tend to skip this phase of the exercise. This is due to various reasons, one of the very obvious ones being the change in body system that has made people somewhat lazier. That being noted, stretching is important not only to help you get in shape especially as it is a requisite for a successful workout routine; it also helps to prevent injuries.

The tendency of tearing a muscle and straining the tendons is increased when you do not stretch the muscles regularly thereby inhibiting your quest to get in shape.

The 3 Week Diet

Do comprehensive workouts

Many people are fond of sticking to a particular type of exercise in most cases, cardio exercises. This leads to missing out on the benefits that accrue to strength or resistance training. Not only do you enjoy reducing the risk of diseases like dementia, illnesses like type 2 diabetes are also significantly controlled not forgetting increasing your ability to stay functionally fit.

It is however important that before starting out on a new workout session especially if it a strength or resistance training routine, you seek the advice of your physical therapist or trainer.

Don’t be too comfortable with your workout

Just as in the good old days, your body tends to get comfortable with a particular workout after several tries, making it very easy to perform. Once this is noticed, it is advised that you intensify your workout routine. Once your muscles get accustomed to a particular routine, you can be sure that subsequent routines have little or no effect on your body. You therefore want to either increase the number of rounds, or you totally switch to a more challenging exercise.

Eat healthy

It is usually and rightly said that we are what we eat. It is therefore important and even more important that one eats healthy as he or she gets over fifty. Just as the external organs of the body age, the internal body system also age making it important to eat according to your age.

Junk foods should be totally avoided and so should processed foods. Fruits, vegetables, and organic foods are the best option at this stage if one is looking to get in shape and stay in shape.

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These are some of the very important tips needed to get in shape and stay in shape once you get above the age of 50. One last very important point is to always rest once the body demands for it.

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