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General Health: Getting in Shape over 50

What are some of the best ways to getting in shape over 50? I need to say that not all exercises provide you with the maximum and efficient ways to exercise as you get older. Many people think that weight lifting is the best way to get yourself in the best shape as you age, and while it may be true that weight training is a great way to build muscle and tone, cardiovascular activities may really be your best option when exercising. One of the reasons that fitness experts stress cardio training for people after 50 is because weight training can be a little more challenging while cardio exercise  may go a long way to improving all aspects of your health especially if you are just getting back to exercising.

Make running fun

So what are some of the best exercise programs experts suggest you should y you should start as you get older.  The first thing that most would recommend is fast walking or the run walk method. You don’t necessarily have to start out running 5 minute miles and breaking national records, but running is perhaps the greatest exercise when developing cardiovascular fitness. If you find that you are unable to run for any appreciable amount of time than you can always start out walking on a fast pace that you can handle. Once you are able to increase your walking speed you can begin to run in intervals where you might run for 1 minute and walk for 2 minutes. You shouldn’t be over doing it during these interval runs, but rather you should be pacing yourself just hard enough to barely carry on a conversation.

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Trainers say that you should be able to talk while running, but you should not be able to carry on long sentences or sing. As you build up your endurance through intervals workouts you will eventually want to increase the distance you can run before having to stop. At first it may be a quarter mile and then in another month and may be a half mile, but you always want to keep pushing yourself at a faster pace each time you run.

Work weight training into your training

Weight training is also an effective way to get in shape, but as I stated earlier some find it to be a bit more challenging activity to running and other methods of cardiovascular exercises. Lifting weights can be as simple as using a set of dumbbells to perform curls, dumbbell raises, shoulder raises or squats. You don’t want to overdo it weight, but if you do decide to add weight training to your training, you may consider joining in a local gym to work on different muscles. The bottom line is that any form of fitness is beneficial as long as you start slow, practice good form, and not overwork your body. Follow these simple rules and you can be in great shape at 50 in no time.

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