What is the Best Workout for Over 50?

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The age of 50 is one that many people across the globe celebrate for different reasons. One problem that however comes with that age and growing old in general is the aging of the body system. This simply means that those activities including workouts that you could do when you were in your twenties and thirties are almost forbidden once you clock 50. This however is not an excuse for not staying fit even after fifty.

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The importance of fitness regardless of the age of the person cannot be overemphasized. It is even important to work out even as you age in order to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke and other such lethal health issues. While there might not be a particular exercise or workout that should wear the crown of the best workout for persons over 50, any workout that helps to reduce the risk of having the diseases mentioned above can be said to fall into the category of “Best workout for over 50”.


It is important to do resistance training at least two times in a week. Workouts like bench press, squats, military press, and leg presses are excellent exercises to help with your resistance as you cross the golden jubilee age.

With intense resistance training, the rate of body metabolism is increased, helping to burn more fat and reducing the risk of getting diseases associated with excess fat deposits in the body.

Cardio Exercises

The capacity of the lungs and strength of the heart tend to reduce as we age. This makes it important to do exercises that improve the strength of the heart and lungs. Cardiovascular exercises do not only strengthen these organs, they also help burn fat and turn fat into energy. From the very simple exercises of brisk walking to the more active ones like swimming, there are a number of cardiovascular exercises that can be done without necessarily taking too much time or even energy especially as you enjoy every process of the routine.

Core Exercises

These exercises are targeted at the stomach and the lower back region of the body. Once you clock the age of 50, the intensity and frequency of core exercises would normally reduce for obvious reasons.

Crunches remain one the best form of core exercise especially for people over 50. 3 sets of a number of crunches that would be dependent on your strength, thrice a week would go a long way to strengthen your core. For persons that know how to plank, this is another great option to help with your lower back region of the body.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to note that the body has changed and the process of getting fit and staying fit should be taken gradually. It is also important that you consult a doctor before proceeding on a workout program.

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